Bacterial Vaginosis in Men

Bacterial Vaginosis does affect men but not in the same way and definitely not to the same extent as women. The men’s genitals do not provide the same environment, i.e. a vagina or uterus, where the infection can flourish.

Doctor’s have always questioned whether or not men should be treated when their female partner was infected. Many doctors still deny that men carry any form of the bacteria or reinfect their partner. However we do know that men and women can transfer other infections therefore we pause and ask does bacterial vaginosis affect men and perhaps that’s why it reoccurs.


Men can carry traces of these bacteria in the urethra and if dormant it can re-infect the woman. However, we cannot rely on this since there is no reliable test available to identify any traces of bacterial vaginosis in men.

Although woman may believe men can carry this infection they simply don’t display any symptoms; surely not the ones we display for Bacterial Vaginosis. If you still question if Bacterial Vaginosis affect men you can simply suggest your partner add live yogurt to his diet and a few other natural remedies. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Many women are too embarrassed to discuss this possibility with a boyfriend but if you cannot help to wonder if the BV affects men a simple approach may be to add in live yogurt into a brunch or dinner.

Although not termed as an STD, it might be advisable to use a condom for a reasonable length of time until the Bacterial Vaginosis is eliminated. Many natural remedies can work fast and the infection may be corrected in a weekend.

Sexual activity can exacerbate the infection or sensitive areas and it’s widely known that male sperm, which is an alkaline, can make the Bacterial Vaginosis discharge smell stronger. It is also vital to remember that antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of some contraceptives so once again we have a good reason for opting for natural alternatives.

Although we question whether Bacterial Vaginosis affect men there is really no conclusive evidence to suggest it’s true. Whether true or not, we should always take precautions if we know we have Bacterial Vaginosis and assume unprotected sex will re-infect us.



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