How To Treat BV With Boric Acid

boric acid for bvBacterial vaginosis, an inflammatory disease caused by the disturbance of the balance of the bacteria inside a woman’s vagina is generally seen as a variety of yeast infection.  And, the symptom which sets apart BV from the others of the kind is the vaginal discharge which declares the presence of the disease through a change of its color.

But, the interesting fact is that most of the sufferers do not experience any symptom at all. At times, BV disappears on its own for reasons which still remain a mystery to the experts.   Even though antibiotics are considered to be effective treatment options for the disease, people tend to prefer over-the-counter medicines like boric acid suppositories bacterial vaginosis.  They not only cure you off the symptoms, but also restore the healthy balance existed earlier making sure that BV never comes back, at least for many years.

How to use them

Boric acid suppositories are available in local shops and medical stores.  Go for the two per cent concentration of the acid.  The acid generally comes in bottles of eight ounces.  Do not forget to buy some caps because it is in them that you have to insert the acid into the organ.

These can be availed from the nearby health store.  At home, pour the acid-powder onto something flat.  Take the required amount of powder in the caps and close them.  After repeating the process until you have the required number of suppositories of boric acid, store the remaining powder in the bottle to be used in the future.

This is generally done in combination with the oral medication you may be having, most of the time antibiotics.  Insert two boric acid suppositories bacterial vaginosis into the vagina before going to sleep.  Make sure that you lie flat for some time.  This would make sure that the powder is being absorbed.  Take care to take it out and throw it in the morning.  Otherwise, you would feel uncomfortable with some sort of a sticky feeling.

Repeat the process until you feel convinced that the symptoms have disappeared.  Generally, you are required to do it for ten days.  But, you may have to prolong the use if the symptoms persist even after using them for the recommended number of days.   The powder creates an acidity in the vagina which destroys all the bad bacteria living inside.

A note of precaution

You are advised to stay away from boric acid suppositories bacterial vaginosis if you are pregnant.  The acid may be harmful for the unborn child.  Besides, do not use it if there happens to have a wound on the wall of the vagina.  This may create a situation where the acid getting into blood and causing dire side effects.

Even though the safety of this treatment still remains a matter of debate, users report that it is safe, even to use on your eyes.  They say that the burning sensation exists just for a few minutes and it would be gone for good.

Remember, even with all its advantages, it can never be a substitute for the advice from a good physician.


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