How to Cure BV

Bacterial vaginosis or B.V. is inflammation of the genitourinary tract (GIT) of a woman’s vagina. It’s most typical symptoms are a thick, white discharge from vagina with a foul and fishy odor. Bacterial vaginosis is caused due to growth of a set of bacteria leading to pH imbalance in the affected area.


This bacteria growth makes the infected tissue red and swollen and is associated with a burning sensation and pain in the vaginal. Bacterial vaginosis home remedies include a variety of everyday things, such as water, yogurt and tea just to mention some of them. The infection is easily curable via home remedies and some precautionary measures involving personal hygiene.

Home remedies have proven records in dealing with the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Below are nine home remedies that have proved valuable for bacterial vaginosis relief.

1 Cotton Plugs with Yogurt

Yogurt can be used either by two ways:
–        Applying it directly over the affected area.
–        Soak cotton plugs in yogurt and insert it into vagina

Yogurt treatment has been clinically investigated and found to be beneficial, especially for recurring B.V.

2 Chilled Water

A tissue soaked in cold water can be laid across the affected area to obtain relief from redness and swelling due to constriction of blood vessels. This is probably the simplest home remedy for relieving burning sensation and pain.

3 Water Soaked Tea Bags

Take a tea bag and soak it in water. Then put it in the refrigerator and let it cool for a while. Now, apply the tea bag externally to relieve itching.

4 Turmeric Powder Dissolved in Milk

Dissolve turmeric powder in milk and use it until the symptoms disappear. Turmeric powder is anti fungal.

5 Powdered Neem

Neem has excellent antibacterial effects and is always advised for dermatological problems. Neem powder can alleviate bacteria from vaginal site.

6 Garlic – Applied Over the Affected Area or Taken Orally.

Take a garlic capsule every day or apply it directly over the infected area. Wrap a peeled garlic clove in gauze and try to put it in vagina. Repeat the treatment after an interval of 3-4 hours and your infection will likely be reduced.

7 Juice from Pressed Vegetables

Juice from green vegetable, ginger, parsley and garlic also has a good effect over the pain and itching during bacterial vaginosis.

8 Warm Baths with Cedar Oil

When bathing in hot water, you can add a spoon of salt and few drops of cedar oil in it. Cedar oil works well for relieving itching.

9 Leaves of Tracheal

Tracheal is a natural herb and helps the body getting rid of toxins. Make a tea out of a teaspoonful of dry tracheal leaves in a cup with hot water.

All of the foregoing treatments will help you cure your BV naturally and prevent it from coming back.  If you’ve tried any of them yourself, please leave a comment and let me know how they worked for you!



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